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The face of Oaked Marketing

Hi! It’s Arne. The Dutch owner of Oaked. Dutch you say? Do they even know how to make wine? Oh yes they do, and actually, I do!

A little history. I quit my job as a marketer to travel the world. As soon as I started out traveling refound my passion for marketing. So I started my own marketing agency. After freelancing for a couple of companies I was reminded of the main reason why I quit my job: I did not feel any connection to the products I was marketting.  However, during my travels I developed a huge passion for wine. So I started to see which direction I needed to go: Wine industry.

Let’s get serious about wine. I started studying wine (SDEN3, Dutch equivalent to WSET3). Then I started to travel to different wine countries to build more knowledge. This is how I ended up in Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria and New Zealand. In New Zealand I worked for a biodynamic vineyard in the middle of the Marlborough region. In this period I dedicated every second to wine. When I was working on the vineyard I put in my earplugs and listened to a lot of podcasts, lectures and basically every audible thing about wine. My more experienced collegues helped me develop my pallet. This way I build the foundation for Oaked marketing.

And now we’re here. Oaked marketing. Are you ready for a revolution in winemarketing? Connect with me via: Oaked.marketing@gmail.com

From grape to glass

Bringing that oaked richness to your brand. Find out what services suits your wine the most.